seismic data transcription

A Global Seismic Software Company that deals with all varieties of seismic data formats. With

accomplished personnel who have persevered in the industry for years, Troika provides comprehensive

consultancy and detailed analysis to satisfy costly and time consuming data management issues.


Troika International is an independent seismic software company that has evolved over the past twenty years to become a leader in standardizing seismic data management. Through our involvement in the various stages of the seismic data lifecycle, from acquisition to processing, Troika has developed a suite of software to help automate and enhance the quality control (QC) processes to promote healthy data.  


Troika’s QC expertise derives from observing the commonality of problematic data experienced by our users. The company was founded as a software house specializing in seismic formats, tapes, and disks. With ongoing cooperation and involvement with the SEG Technical Committee and the Standards Leadership Council (SLC), we have consistently strived to find the simplest way to manage data into contract compliance, and ease the burden of corrupt data on the industry. As a result, the suite of software developed by Troika is comprehensive enough to engage the appropriate measures necessary to secure your long-term seismic data investments.